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As 13 principais ferramentas de SEO para ajudá-lo a ter uma classificação mais subida no Google - Divulgando Buscadores noticias e artigos

As 13 principais ferramentas de SEO para ajudá-lo a ter uma classificação mais subida no Google

Procurando ferramentas de SEO para facilitar sua vida? Neste vídeo, vou compartilhar as 13 principais ferramentas que ajudarão você a aumentar sua classificação no Google. Confira: 00:00 Introdução **As 13 principais ferramentas de SEO** 01:03 Surfista 02:25 Ahrefs 03:17 03:50 Google Search Console 04:20 Accuranker 05:06 Google Analytics 05:38 Gramática 06 :07 VWO 07:10 Teste de SEO 07:29 Aweber 08:40 Termo-chave Cupido 09:06 Screaming Frog 09:45 AMZ Watcher RECURSOS Porquê Restabelecer Rankings Perdidos com Surfer SEO: Domínio de Call-to-Action: Mini-curso TAL: ▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Inscreva-se cá ►► Baixe 3 estudos de caso de SEO GRATUITAMENTE ►► Para mais dicas avançadas de SEO, confira esta lista de reprodução ►► .

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  1. To get discounts for some of these SEO products and services I use, check out the "Recommended SEO Products and Services article:

  2. Great content. I’d like to know the cost of each tool through the video. Although I guess leaving that out would create more click through for your affiliate links. At least which ones are free and not. Nice one Matt.

  3. So many tools it's overwhelming and will be expensive if you're Just starting out could you please name 2 or 3 most important tools to start with

  4. You’re one of the only youtubers I can watch at normal speed and I just want to thank you for that lol. I learn so much here and feel soooo much better about starting a blog than I did when trying to learn from “bloggers”.

  5. Hi Matt, thank you for this list! Really love your Affiliate lab course. I was wondering whether you have any recommendations for heatmap tools? Do you use them in your SEO efforts as well?

  6. hey Matt

    for affiliate links can i just simply do anchor text? like someone click that word and he will be redirected direclty to the sales page?

    or do you suggest to always put a banner in the page? creating tables ecc ecc

  7. I don't know why, but I clicked the video after you changed the tumbnail kkkkkkk, this one feels more atractive

  8. thanks for the list of tools, i'm using most of them already but discovered a few new ones from your video. Surfer SEO is cool cos it integrates with Jarvis AI writer (highly recommend upgrading to the Boss mode). love your T-shirt based on the Metallica logo reference! haha

  9. Great vid Matt! I was looking for something like Surfer to see why my ranking have dropped. Appreciate you putting this together.

  10. Hey Matt, great video! I'm just wondering if and when you should target a parent topic instead of longtail keywords? I have found a low competition keyword that I could rank for but the parent topic seems very underserved, Should I write the best x for y post or try and target the parent keyword? Many thanks, Andy

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