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Porquê fabricar uma página de fado que classifique no Google. 5 dicas de SEO para otimização - Divulgando Buscadores noticias e artigos

Porquê fabricar uma página de fado que classifique no Google. 5 dicas de SEO para otimização

Saiba tudo sobre o que é uma página de direcção de um site, por que ela é tão importante para sua empresa e porquê promovê-la e ser classificado no Google.

1. Porquê escolher a termo-chave (vídeo:
2. Que tipo de teor gerar
3. Quanto teor gerar (número de palavras + densidade de palavras-chave)
4. Porquê promover esta página (sinais sociais e Web2.0)
5. Porquê vincular a novas páginas de orientação (de outras páginas + postagens de blog)

➤ Dental SEO:
➤ SEO em Novidade

➤Mundo de um nerd Perspicuidade

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  1. Awesome information worth watching. Thank you for your time. I'm a novice trying to think my way through the process. I notice your landing pages are listed in the side bar, but not in the main blog search bar. So that must mean that the landing page links are created and kept separate in an excel or notepad document to be posted when needed on social media sites etc.?

  2. Hello,
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  3. Is it good to have more than one landing page featuring different keywords? Or stick to one page and have all the keywords you can hit in that single page?

  4. Hi Chris, I am loving your videos, you are really good at explaining and I also like that 'poquito' bit of craziness haha.
    So if I understood correctly, the landing page should not be categorised anywhere on the page, is that right? Thanks for your dedication. Cheers!

  5. If you create landing pages for different locations essentially those pages are going to be very similar, if not identical. Will Google pick up on that?

  6. Hi Chris, Great video. Thank you! 1 question. When I add the landing pages how do I organise them on the back end of the site? Do they have to be categorised? The landing pages I have created seem to give me an error on my site audit because they don't 'live' anywhere. If that make sense? Really appriciate your videos. 🙂

  7. Chris I have just found your channel and amazed at all the information you are giving out. Thank you so much

  8. So glad to find a video from you, Chris! As of a few days ago, no YouTube notifications appear in my email. None. Zero. I've spent three days wasted time trying to 'fix my settings' to repair this and have just found out this is on purpose. I'm trying to adjust to looking at the little bell at the top right on YouTube but I have a feeling I'm missing a ton of my faves. You, of course are one of my faves. So upsetting. Thank you for this video on landing pages. I love to learn from Chris Hughes.

  9. I know where my YouTube time will be spent for the next 30 days. I have put as much of your advice into action as humanly possible within my sites. Please keep killing it with this awesome content. Big fan!!!

  10. Thanks Chris as always great content.

    But where is day 4 Video? Hopefully all is okay. and your Video editing program didn't crush.

  11. Make sure that your hosting company makes a complete backup of your website. This morning I woke up to find a Word Press 5.5 update caused the hosting company to reverse my entire website to an old WordPress theme with most of the landing pages missing. They have advised me that WordPress 5.5 with Plugins or WordPress Themes not compatible with WordPress 5.5

    Thought I would share this for people who are new to SEO.

    Backup is critical ask your hosting company about disaster recovery.

    For myself a Apple Mac Engineer. seeing my entire website reverted back 12 months caused disbelief and panic.

  12. It's greeeaaattt content. Very informative by who knows it from inside out.
    How would we get this kind of insightful information without you tube and people wiling to share knowledge?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Keep it up 🙏.
    We love it 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💡💡💥💥

  13. Loving your videos Chris! Just a heads up that this page is broken on your site:

  14. I found out you can just paste the url here without copying all the content manually.

  15. Chris I'm enjoying the 30 challenge…but on this one, you mentioned to note the number of words/ keywords on the top site.
    You didn't explain what exactly you do
    Best them by 10% or match the number plus 1
    Could you address your approach

  16. Hi Chris. I saw your packages and pricing and I am curious what you mean by “Wordpress template,” “custom template” and “website from scratch.” By “Wordpress template,“ do you mean you insert a template and do very little as far as custom design? Do you use Elementor or a similar page builder for this package? And by “from scratch” do you mean you custom code with php and css in WordPress?

    In doing custom design, are you bringing in tools like Adobe and Figma, mocking up the design and then coding with css, or do you use software like page builders and photoshop?

    By your definition of custom design, what exactly do you mean?

  17. Hey Chris, just a question about the web 2.0's. If we already have a bunch of these setup for our main website do you suggest we create all new accounts for every new landing page? Or how does it work? Cause I don't see anyway of adding multiple URL's in any of the profiles. Sorry if it's a dumb question just wanna make sure I understand. Cheers mate

  18. Chris! How you doing? How is everything in Toronto? Great video as always 😁👍 I have a question for you: If I have web design business and a home office in Pembroke Pines Florida “ a small city” which is 30 minutes from Miami and 30 minutes from Fort Lauderdale should I focused my SEO on Pembroke Pines or on the main cities? Also, if it is not to much to ask, can you check my website and give me some feed back or use it as a example in your website review videos. Thank you Chris! Have a blessed night. Website:

  19. That's awesome that just a few short months ago you hit 10k, congrats!! It's so cool to see how much steam this channel has been picking up 😁

  20. Hello Chris, awesome class. This was a question I always wonder about and you provided a lot of great answers. Question: do you need a new domain name for each landing page?? Thanks again!

  21. When I try to "re-engineer success" by looking at how many times other websites use a keyword, I found that even if a well ranking website has a keyword 50-100 times on a page, sometimes just having that keyword about 10 times with good long-form relevant content helps outrank the competition. I've removed many instances of keywords from a page and jumped to the top. I think Google might have seen it as keyword stuffing.

    This is going to be an incredible 30 days of knowledge! Keep'em coming, Chris!

  22. Great video again. You are doing a great job of explaining topics at a "average Joe" level.

    I see what you mean by not worrying about duplicate content. I have heard others saying they don't see any problems with using duplicate content … but they never have made it clear if they are talking about duplicating content on their own site rather than duplicating content from other websites. I have always said that I would expect Goggle to be smart enough to differentiate the 2 situations. It is good to see that Google clearly doesn't care about duplicating content on your own site. That solves a big concern for me in structuring my BIG home services website.

    What are your thoughts on using canonical meta tags to tell Googld that all the traffic being generated by these localized landing pages should be credited to your non-localizdd page? Is Google also smart enough to see that someone clicking on a localized landing page should help with your ranking on the regular non-localized page … especially if they have essentially the same content?

    I also liked your suggestions for promoting the landing oages on Web 2.0 sites… I had never really understood how to effectively integrate those sites into my digital marketing. Great idea that can easily be scripted and handed over to a VA in the Philippines at $2.50/hour.

    Keep it up … I am very curious to see what you come up with for the NEXT 27 videos…

  23. Can't wait for your next video! Informative and enjoyable like always. Why do starters need backlinks and what is the best way to achieve authority.

  24. I'm currently on a mission to shoot 30 videos in 30 days. That's right a video a day for one month! If you have any suggestion's for content don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Your participation is very much appreciated.

  25. awesome stuff :). After you create a blog post or landing page do you do anything to track the progress? Do you ever tweak it after?

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